Multi-User Sound Effects Licensing

What is multi-user sound effects licensing?
Purchasing a multi-user license will allow you to use the sound effects on more than one workstation and by more than one person. A multi-user license is also known as a “network” or “site” license. When you purchase one or more of our sound effects collections you are actually purchasing a license for a single user, this is the standard license. You are purchasing the legal right to use Sound Archivist sound effects collections for a single user.

Sound Archivist’s multi-user license plan is very similar to that of the software industry, where if you buy a piece of software for your entire company to use, you must obtain licenses to cover each user.

If you have more than one user who plans to use or has access to the sound effects you are licensing, it will require a multi-user license. Multi-user licensing is not complicated. Once you figure out how many users will be accessing the sound effects collections you would like to purchase, contact us and we will set up a custom multi-user license package for you and your company. Sound Archivist will then contact you with specific information and cost for your license package.

Any person who accesses and uses any or all the sound effects from a collection is considered a user. If you’ll be consistently working on projects in conjunction with other users you will need a multi-user license for your facility.

If you are going to be the only person who is going to be working with the sound effects then a single-user license is right for you. If you have 2+ users or require networked access to our sound effects libraries, you will need to obtain a special multi-user license not covered in our standard single user EULA.

PLEASE NOTE: Any and all Product Bundles are excluded from the pricing model of the multi-user license. License cost will be calculated using the single product retail price.

Sound Archivist does not require usage reporting with any of its sound effects libraries.

Sound Archivist SFX Multi-User Licensing Overview:
Sound Archivist sound effects libraries require organizations with multiple users and/or workstations to be properly licensed and pay additional installation and usage fees. Sound Archivist does maintain a licensing fee structure to account for various multi-user configurations. This fee is a one time purchase. The are no yearly fees. If you require more seats in the future you simply purchase additional licenses of the product(s) at the agreed upon discount rate.

Sound Archivist also offers custom, flexible licensing solutions that include multi-user annual blanket licensing. Sound Archivist can formulate a licensing plan specific to the needs of your organization with 2+ users or worldwide networked users. Single and multi-year licensing solutions are available for a yearly fee. Use the form above to let Sound Archivist know what your specific multi-user license needs are and we will create a solution for you free of charge.

Sound Archivist specifically allows for one (1) copy of our sound effects libraries to be made onto Server, Hard Drive or other storage medium that can be accessed by no more than one (1) workstations at a time. Sounds that are copied to Server, Hard Drive or other storage medium are to be used specifically for the purposes of synchronizing the audio with audio and/or visual productions or applications.

Copyright laws, international copyright treaties, and intellectual property laws protect Sound Archivist Sound Effects. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. Sound Archivist protects its copyrights by all necessary means, including legal action.