The shinkansen, or bullet train, is a symbol of Japan’s economic and technological prowess. Streaking by at speeds of up to 200mph, their sound pierces over miles of empty farmland. In rare spots where you can get near the tracks, the air pressure bursts of these trains passing by can knock you off-balance.

Recording coverage between models vary quite a bit, so please check the tracklist to get a sense of what is available per bullet train model.

Note: The W7 series bullet trains were recorded within their first month entering service, well before they had time to wear-in.

Models represented in this collection:

  • W7 Series (2015-)
  • N700 Series (2007-)
  • E5 Series (2009-)
  • 800 Series (2004-)
  • E2 Series [Currently Being Withdrawn] (1997-)
  • E4 Series [Currently Being Withdrawn] (1997-)

(Dates indicate the service years for the model, not the specific age of the train recorded)

These recordings were originally part of the Japan Sound Effects Collection Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded in 2015.

All recordings have meticulously written Soundminer metadata embedded in them and comply with Universal Category System naming standards. Included in the download folder is also an excel file and CSV file with all of the metadata fields.

Equipment Used: Tascam HD-P2 | Rode NT4 | Rode NTG3


  • Files: 104
  • Size: 10.3 GB / Compressed 6.7 GB (3 rar files)
  • Duration:  333 Minutes
  • Format: Stereo & Mono
  • Resolution: 24-Bit / 96KHz
  • Metadata: Soundminer, CSV, BWAV
  • Current Version: 2.2

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